Where there is a Will there is a way

...and when there is no will your loved ones might have serious problems

Having an up to date will is the only way to ensure that your family, friends and the causes you believe in are provided for in the way you wish after you die.

It is vital to have a will because: (1) If you die without making a will or without making a valid will, you are said to die intestate. Your possessions will be distributed according to strict intestacy rules not necessarily how you would wish. (2) If you are not married or in a civil partnership, your partner will not automatically inherit your estate if you do not have a valid will. (3) If you have dependent children, but do not have a valid will then you will have no control over who looks after them, should anything happen to you.

Once you have a will, it’s important to keep it up to date. Major changes to your marital, family or financial circumstances should be reflected in your will. It’s surprising how the value of your home and possessions add up. Write down a short list of your assets, debts, and their value. This list should give you an idea of the value of your estate, and will save you time with your attorney.

It is vital that you use The Law Offices of Ellen Taylor Turley when making or updating your will to ensure that all legal procedures are followed. The process does not need to be lengthy or expensive. Attorney Turley's experience with will writing will save you time and money. After the initial meeting with Counselor Turley, you should arrange a follow up appointment to check that your will has been drafted according to your wishes and to have it witnessed and signed. A complimentary living will is an additional part of Attorney Turley's services.

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