Why Ellen Taylor Turley?

The Law Offices of Ellen Taylor Turley has one of the most active practices in Nashville and surrounding areas, handling a significant caseload of divorce, matrimonial, support, and custody matters. Counselor Turley invests her time wisely in order to get her clients the best outcome. She has a reputation for serving her clients as though they were her own family. She is not satisfied unless her clients are satisfied. Her skilled advising techniques have prevented catasrophic events in many divorce settlements. Attorney Turley's experience will greatly serve your case by giving you the outcome you desire.

For over twenty (20+) years Ellen Taylor Turley has handled all types of divorce and family law matters, particularly contested divorce and complicated matrimonial and custody cases. Navigating matrimonial and family law cases, no matter the issue, is rarely easy and The Law Offices of Ellen Taylor Turley are well equipped to assist you so that your divorce or family law matter can be handled in a skilled and swift manner.

Attorney Turley has the experience and skill necessary to protect your family. If you are going through a divorce or custody battle, contact the law offices immediately. Counselor Turley's offices are conveniently located in the Green Hills and Brentwood, TN areas (both 15-20 minutes from downtown). She can discuss your case with you and make this transition less difficult for your family.

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