Spousal Support and Maintenance in Tennessee

Spousal support is a key part of any divorce or legal separation. In a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce,
this issue will need to be addressed. Your divorce attorney will play a big part in the outcome of this - and thus it is important to choose an attorney who will be able to use experience, persistence, and dedication in order to successfully represent you during negotiations or in court.

In the state of Tennessee, the courts can award maintenance to one spouse. Maintenance, also referred to as "alimony" and "spousal support", is presented in the form of a monetary payment from one spouse to another.
Either spouse, male or female, can be ordered to pay maintenance to their spouse by the court. The monetary payment can be awarded over time or in one large sum.

If you are going through a divorce, and support is an issue, contact The Law Office of Ellen Taylor Turley. Attorney Turley is a skilled lawyer that has experience in helping clients with spousal support cases throughout Tennessee, Davidson County and every surrounding County. She will work to develop a legal strategy to help you win your case.

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