In Tennesse, there are three types of spousal support:

Permanent, Rehabilitative, and Restitutional

  1. Permanent Alimony is a payment for things such as food, housing, clothing, and other provisions of a spouse.
    If a spouse is requesting permanent alimony, they must prove their need of support. Permanent alimony, once awarded, remains in effect indefinitely or until there is a change in circumstances, which may lead to a review of the arrangement.

  2. Rehabilitative Alimony is a payment designed to provide the necessary support to enable a spouse to refresh or develop job skills that will allow them to secure a vocation. This is a common form of alimony and it is temporary.

  3. Restitutional Alimony is a repayment of support given to a spouse while they were pursuing their education or enhancing vocational skills. Restitutional alimony is temporary.

Assessing spousal support is difficult to deal with in the divorce process because it affects the current and future lifestyles of both spouses. No one wants to be hindered financially by the payment or lack of alimony. If you are encountering problems with spousal support, contact Attorney Ellen Taylor Turley. She will represent you and aggressively fight the financial limitations that spousal support often presents.

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