Key Areas of Practice related to your divorce:

Ellen Taylor Turley is compassionate about the intense emotions that accompany divorces, and she is devoted to ensuring that her clients are assisted in every way possible. She is able to offer legal guidance and advice in everything from a contested divorce to an uncontested divorce – including high net worth cases and military divorces. Even if children are involved, you will be confident knowing that she is there to help you deal with complicated issues such as custody, visitation and child support.

There are two kinds of divorces: (1) Contested Divorce, and (2) Uncontested Divorce. Ellen Taylor Turley has handled hundreds of divorces both contested and uncontested.

Attorney Turley is prepared to help her clients with comprehensive assistance when it is needed most. She is not be satisfied with generic or apathetic advice – instead, she is prepared to offer clients knowledgeable representation on issues that range from parental alienation to domestic violence and orders of protection. Some other areas of the law that she is able to assist with include:

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