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According to the Tennessee State Courts' website, "Mediation is an informal process where a mediator helps people with a dispute to reach agreement. The mediation process identifies important issues, clarifies misunderstandings, explores solutions, and negotiates settlement.

The mediator is not a judge and does not make a decision or impose a solution on the dispute. Rather, the mediator helps those involved in the dispute talk to each other, thereby allowing them to resolve the dispute themselves. The mediator manages the mediation session and remains impartial."

This less costly approach to divorce is becoming an increasinly popular way to resolve legal issues without the necessity for court intervention. Attorney Turley is well studied in this technique and prefers it in cases where each party can come to a reasonable agreement. She recognizes that not all endings in marriage mean that two people cannot negotiate their own resolutions. This is why, since 2002, she has been a proud Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Mediator.Find her Here

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