Nashville Area High Net Worth Divorces

Some of the issues which may arise include:

  • Professional licenses or degrees held (which offer increased earning potential)

  • Stock options, IRAs, 401(k) accounts and pensions

  • Trusts

  • Real estate / real property

  • Family businesses

  • Professional practices

High net worth divorces require the experience of a knowledgeable divorce lawyer. Not only are these cases complex, but the financial details will be best resolved with the help of an attorney who has the resources to fully investigate sources of assets and income and help protect the client's financial interests. Attorney Ellen Taylor Turley has over twenty (20+) years of individual experience in divorce and custody cases (in the Nashville area) and she always uses this to her clients' advantage. Counselor Turley also utilizes experts in various fields, as needed, to assist with resolving issues of property and asset distribution.

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